Crown Pattern Hair Band

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Crown Pattern Hair Band

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Discover exquisite hair adornments at Itsonly SAARA, where luxury meets style. Our Crown Pattern Hair Bands accessorize with elegance, adding a touch of dazzle and shine to any look. Crafted with velvet and embellished with beads, pearls, rhinestones, and stones, our fancy collection radiates festive vibes, perfect for every season and event. From weddings to Valentine’s Day, our timeless designs in black, rose gold, and white ensure you find the perfect accessory to complement your ensemble. Experience the epitome of sophistication with our crown-shaped hair bands, tailored for the modern woman who appreciates luxury picks in hair accessories.

Additional information

Hair Adornments Colour

Black, Rose Gold, White

Shapes & Designs

Crown Shape

Hair Accessory Materials


Hair Embellishment Feature

Beaded, Pearl, Rhinestone, Stones

Accessorize Occasion

Business, Casual, Evening, Wedding



Accessorize Collections

Dazzles and Shines, Fancy collection, Festive vibes, Luxury Picks, Wedding Flavors


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